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Λrthur Brugiere.

Computer Researcher / Scientific Developer / IT Nerd


University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH)

Obtaining a Master in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialising in Data Mining and Infrastructure for IoT (Internet of Things).

 Hanoi - Vietnam
 Master ICT

University of La Rochelle

Obtaining a Master's degree in Computer Science (Master ICONE).

 La Rochelle - France
 Master ICONE

University of La Rochelle

Obtaining a Computer Science License.

 La Rochelle - France
 Computer License

Joseph Fourier University

Obtaining a University and Technical Diploma (DUT) specialising in Métiers des Multimédias et de l'Internet (Multimedia and Internet Business MMI).

 Grenoble - France

Jules Fil High School

Obtaining a Scientific Baccalaureate in Science from the Engineer specialising in Computer Science and Digital Science (and Dance and Plastic Art option) with honours.

 Carcassonne - France
 Scientific Baccalaureate


I´m a year old Computer Researcher / Scientific Developer based in Hanoi.

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Agent-based modeling of antibiotic resistance in North Vietnam

Levels of antibiotic use in Vietnam are very high, leading to the emergence and spread of bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotic therapy.
Streptococcus pneumoniae is a bacteria that is commonly found inside the nose and throat, and usually does no harm. When this bacteria gets into the wrong places it can cause a clinical infection, such as pneumonia. If the strain of bacteria responsible for this infection is resistant to antibiotic therapy, the infection can become very difficult to treat.

I had to develop an agent-based model to explore the emergence and transmission of resistant strains of S. pneumoniae in the community, and how this is related to current patterns of antibiotic use.
Further, I tried to explore the potential effect of introducing public health interventions that may target the emergence of resistant strains or the transmission of resistant strains.

 6 months
 Hanoi - Vietnam
 ICT Lab


I'm going to do a doctorate in Franco-Vietnamese co-supervision.

I should work in the GEMMES project and develop a co-modelling system on a web-platform.


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